Admixture Studio lets you run several DIYDodecad calculators in your own computer in just 3 clicks. The application will download the calculator and run it automatically.

How it works

Just choose the calculator, your DNA RAW file (uncompressed – no zip file) and click on Run. That’s all.

Calculator list

The calculator list will be updated regularly. If you are the author of any of this calculator or of a new one, feel free to contact us to include new calculators.

The calculators are stored in our servers, so we pay monthly a bill to keep them up and running, so any donation will be welcome.


Admixture Studio Results

DNA RAW Formats accepted

Admixture Studio accepts the followings DNA Raw Data formats:

  • 23andme (any version)
  • Ancestry (any version)
  • FTDNA 1.0
  • FTDNA 1.1
  • Geno
  • LivingDNA (any version)
  • MyHeritage (any version)

PRO features

Buy the PRO version (here) and get the following features. 

The license code only can be used by the individual that buy it.

  • Up to 100x faster calculation – For example, K47 takes just less than 60 seconds. In the lite version (free), it takes more than 30 minutes
  • Show the results projected in a PCA chart

  • Chromosome analysis and display

Chromosome analysis and charting


  • Compute nMonte population breakdown

nMonte Admixture

  • Analyze segments for double checking your commercial ethnicity reports


This tool has been developed by us, DNAGenics.

Each calculator listed in the store is owned by his creator as it is stated in the Author column.


This application requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System, minimum Windows 7.


The downloaded file is a ZIP file. This file contains everything you need to run the application.

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file in any known folder
  2. Run the file named “AdmixtureStudio.exe”
  3. The main window will show


This application is in development, so please keep in mind there might be errors and I am not liable for any error or misusing.

Remember to backup all your files before using this app. Feel free to use it.

Any trademark is owned solely to the owner’s company.

Admixture Studio v2.47 – 2020/02/16

How to unlock Admixture Studio

Once you get your unlock key (serial number), just go to the main window and click on the “Unlock PRO” button.

Then the unlock form will show. Type your email and unlock code (serial number) received by email.

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