Ancestry reports

Explore your genetic connection to hundred of populations

12 reports to explore your genetic connections to ancient and modern populations.

Ancestry detailed

Global and chromosome level reports

Recent Ancestry Composition

Ethnicity estimate
Explore your ethnicity estimate
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Shared Ancient Ancestry
Discover which populations of the world share pieces of your DNA with you
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Maternal Lineage (MTDNA)
Learn about your maternal lineage
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Paternal Lineage (YDNA)
Learn about your paternal lineage
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Ancient Ancestry

Global Ancient Composition
Explore which ancient samples have the lower genetic distance to you
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Ancient World
Check your ancient world score
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Viking Report
Check your viking index
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Deep Ancient Ancestry

Deep Ancient Before Current Era Ancestry
Explore your deep ancient ancestry with our exclusive report
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Deep Ancient Current Era Ancestry
Explore your deep ancient of the current era ancestry with our exclusive report
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Deep Modern Ancestry
Explore your deep modern ancestry with our exclusive report
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Archaic Ancestry

Neanderthal Report
Find out what you share with our ancient ancestors
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Denisovan Report
Find out how much DNA you share with Denisovans
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Ancient and modern ancestry at chromosomal level

Explore deeper

Find out what ancient samples are connected to your genetic signature. Explore your global and deep ancient ancestry, at chromosomal level.
Our unique and propietary algorithm is able to split your parents sides and get a deeper detail of your similarities to ancient populations.

Easy to understand results

Explore your results on enriched reports

Our reports helps you to understand your results

Ancient map

State-of-art technology

Latest technology for analyzing your genome.
Our algorithms are proprietary and lead brand new methods to bring better and more detailed results.

Updates for a lifetime

Enjoy updates for a lifetime for any report you buy. Our commitment is to bring updated results and keep them open to you with no extra fees
* New reports might not be included

Keep your results updated to the latest releases

Your reports are updated frequently to estimate your results using the new samples released by researchers

G25 Synthetic Coordinates & G25 Studio

G25 Studio

Model your ancestry

Explore deeper

Use your own original G25 Coordinates or use the Synthetic G25 Coordinates to explore what your ancestry composition is.

We generate your G25 Synthetic Coordinates for your Global genome and at a Chromosome Level (chromosomes 1-22). So you get a global view of your DNA or by chromosome.

G25 Studio offers several tools and views to help you get deeper in your analysis.
The G25 Coordinates Library can store an unlimited number of coordinates to help you organize your G25 coordinates set.