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Our results are backed by scientific evidences such as the reported DNA variant, the chromosome and position (HG19) where the variant is located and the scientific paper where the variant is reported.

The reports contain a quality score which can help you to discern whether the scientific study is relevant to the analyzed trait.

* The reports are solely based on the uploaded RAW file, so the analysis may not cover all the variants as they might not be present in your the RAW file.

Predicted appearance

Predicted Appearance

Find out how what your genetics predicts about your appearance

Our algorithm predicts how likely your appearance for up to 30 traits. From hair color to bunions predisposition.
Enjoy this fun and informative report to know how likely your current appearance could be different based on your genetic variants.

Explore your personality

Our personality report can predict what is your personality based on your genome.

Find out which is your SLOAN score.

Personality reports
Economic and political preferences

Economic and political preferences

Find out what are your genetic economic and political preferences

Find out what researcher says about how your genetics influences your economic and political decisions.

Pedigree collapse analysis

Are your parents related? our analysis can tell you whether your parents are related and which segments are common in both of your parents

Pedigree Collapse reports

State-of-art technology

Latest technology for analyzing your genome.
Our algorithms are propietary and leading brand new methods to bring better and more detailed results.

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Enjoy updates for a lifetime for any report you buy. We commitment is to bring updated results and keep them open to you with no extra fees
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Our report is updated frequently to calculate your results against new samples that are released by researchers