Eurogenes Global 25 (G25) ancestry test has become the most accurate test that anyone can found out in the non-commercial market. With a set of 25 coordinates values and a list of populations, one can get the most detailed ancestry breakdown.

To help everyone out, G25 Studio provides a library of calculators created by the homemade ancestry community and a set of tools to ease the analysis of your ancestry by using the G25 coordinates.

The tools featured in G25 Studio are:

  • All-in-one interface:
    • Updated library of G25 calculators
    • Import of custom calculators from CSV and text files
    • Copy and paste of coordinates easily
    • Population selection for each run
  • Oracle:
    • Mixed Mode (*PRO)
    • 1 Population
    • 2 Populations (*PRO)
    • 3 Populations (*PRO)
    • 4 Populations (*PRO)
    • Distance method selection (Euclidean, Manhattan, Chebyshev) (*PRO)
  • nMonte:
    • Standard nMonte
    • Distance
    • Aggregates calculation
    • Multiethnic algorithm to improve the breakdown and avoid overfits (*PRO)
  • Population Analysis
  • PCA:
    • Principal Components selection to compare PCs
    • Zooming and selection

How to get your G25 coordinates

You can get your G25 coordinates by sending your RAW DNA to Davidski, the renowed creator of the Eurogenes calculators.

After paying $12, he will send you a set of coordinates with the following format: “JohnDoe,0.02312,-123.12,………………..” up to 25 values.

Get yours in


This tool has been developed by us, DNAGenics.

Each calculator listed in the store is owned by his creator as it is stated in the Author column.


This application requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System, minimum Windows 7.


The downloaded file is a ZIP file. This file contains everything you need to run the application.

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file in a new folder
  2. Run the file named “G25Studio.exe”
  3. The main window will show up


This application is in development, so please keep in mind there might be errors and I am not liable for any error or misusing.

Remember to backup all your files before using this app. Feel free to use it. Any trademark is owned solely to the owner’s company.

Download G25 Studio v1.4 – 23/09/2020