James Lick’s MTDNA Predictor is a great tool to predict your MTDNA using your RAW file.

Almost all the main DNA companies (23andme, Ancestry, LivingDNA, FTDNA (only RAWs from Feb. 2019 to July 2019) provides enough MTDNA DNA markers in their RAW files for a basic to advance haplogroup prediction. The quality of the MTDNA information provides varies from one company to another, but it is enough for a basic haplogroup. For example, 23andme/LivingDNA provides the best quality (more detailed) information of the MTDNA.

If you RAW is not accepted in James Licks’s, you can convert the RAW file to 23andme format that is accepted by this web.

  1. Download and run DNA Kit Studio
  2. Unzip your FTDNA RAW file
  3. In the option RAW to RAW Converter, set as input file your DNA RAW file, as output choose a filename, such as “genome_V5_MYDNA.txt”
  4. Choose the template called “Template_23andme_v5.txt”
  5. Choose “Match by position”
  6. Click on “Convert”
  7. Once it is finished, go to James Lick’s webpage and upload the output file