We have released a new version of DNA Kit Studio v2.2.

The new features are:

  • RAW Chromosome extractor: This tool extracts each chromosome to a separate file
  • RAW Comparer: Improved the report and fixed some errors
  • RAW Merger: Added option to let choose how to merge: By RSID (by default) or by position
  • RAW Converter: when using a template, you can choose to convert by finding the RSID or the position.
  • VCF to RAW: Now supports gVCF, but only the Variants positions. Added support to use the Human Genome Reference for filling up the RSID that are not present in the VCF/gVCF file. Download and unzip from http://www.openbioinformatics.org/annovar/download/hg19_avsnp147.txt.gz