Currently this method is outdated due to Rootsfinder has updated their tool to allow Genesis triangulation be imported.


Rootsfinder is a pretty useful tool to visualize our DNA Gedmatch matches relationship. Currently, it is in beta version and it is only compatible with Gedmatch classic Tier 1 triangulation. Genesis Gedmatch Tier 1 triangulation results are not compatible with Rootsfinder.

Recently, I manage to fix this problem editing the HTML file. Follow the next steps to make Genesis Tier 1 Triangulation compatible with Rootsfinder:

  1. Download Notepad++
  2. Save the Genesis Tier 1 Triangulation result in your computer. The file’s extension should be “.html”
  3. Open the Tier 1 Triangulation HTML file with Notepad++ and follow the next steps


  • Use the option Edit > Replace to replace
<td colspan="4" align="center">


<td colspan="3" align="center">
  • Replace
B37 Start


  • Replace
B37 End



Replace using Regular Expression (in the groupbox “Search Mode”)

<td align="center"><input type="checkbox" name=".*"></td>

with and empty text (leave empty the box “Replace with:”)

  • Save the file and done!

Once all the replacements are done. Just open the HTML file in your web browser double clicking on it,and then just proceed selecting all and copying it to Rootsfinder Triangulation.