We offer several services for RAW analysis and DNA results assessments.

RAW Analysis

  • Convert DNA RAW files from one format to another
  • Merge RAW files to improve matching and admixture results

Admixture and Heritage reports

  • Run RAW DNA on any K calculator. PNG report with the result. Requires a RAW file.
  • Analysis of Gedmatch admixture results (Percentage and Oracles). Requires a Gedmatch (Genesis/Normal) kit number.

Pricing and timing

RAW Analysis

Current processing time: in 24 hours after the receiving the payment.

  • Convert DNA RAW files from one format to another 5 euros / file
  • Merge RAW files 5 euros / file

Admixture and Heritage

Current processing time: 48 hours after receiving the payment.

  • Run RAW DNA on any K calculator 5 euros / file
  • Analysis of Gedmatch admixture results 5 euros / kit


We accept any DTC RAW file format from:

  • 23andme
  • Ancestry
  • National Geographic
  • MyHeritage


We accept payments by Paypal (VISA, MasterCard, American Express accepted).

How to order

Place your order paying the amount of the service you request, just following this link Secure Payment through Paypal (accepted Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Paypal transfer).

Afterwards, please contact us to the following email ancestrytools@gmail.com with your request and transaction ID, and we will reply you with what we need to perform your request.


Any data received or generated is deleted 24 hours after the user receives the result.

We do not accept raw data from anyone that has authorized to handover to third parties. Any attempt of send us raw data or any other personal information from someone that has not explicitly authorized/consented it, it will be deleted immediately.


The analysis results are subject to a professional review and opinion. The results must not be used as prove of any ancestry. The current state-of-art of admixture tools and analysis are still in development so it is subjected vary from one vendor to another.

We do not offer matching or paternal analysis. There are genealogist specialist on this subject.

The service is provided as is. Once the report is generated, there might be a fee to rerun the test.