DNA Kit Studio V2.8

We have released a new version of DNA Kit Studio v2.8.

The new features are:

  • RAW Segment Extract – New feature
  • RAW Segment Comparer has been improved
  • RAW Extract – SNP list option for extracting a specific list of SNPs listed in a plain text file
  • RAW Merge – Faster merging
  • Thanks to Ann Turner, a lot more templates ready to use: MyHeritage v2, Ancestry v1, 23andme v2
  • Fixed some bugs

DNA Kit Studio v2.7

We have released a new version of DNA Kit Studio v2.7.

The new features are:

  • Bug fixes in RAW Merge tool that prevented to merge files with no RSID
  • Added extract chromosomes feature for VCF files
  • Added new tool to calculate distance between two chromosome positions

Admixture Studio V1.4

We have just released a new version of our Admixture Studio V1.4 tool.

This version fixed several errors and adds the following features:

  • Bug fixes
  • Speed improvement

New tool: DNA Segment Studio

DNA Segment Studio simplifies some of the operation that commonly a genealogist does while analyzing matching segments.

In the current version, this tool has the following features:

  • Segment Inferrer: Analyzes and infers the segments not inherited by someone given a set of matching segments. The idea behind of this tool comes from this two great article from Jonny Perl and Louis Kessler.

Download DNA Segment Studio

DNA Kit Studio v2.6

We have released a new version of DNA Kit Studio v2.6.

The new features are:

  • Added MTDNA prediction for RAW files, VCF files and Yoruban
  • Fixed RAW Analysis with new FTDNA files

DNA Kit Studio v2.5

We have released a new version of DNA Kit Studio v2.5.

The new features are:

  • Genome Tool: MTDNA Yoruban to rCRS converter

DNA Kit Studio v2.4

We have released a new version of DNA Kit Studio v2.4.

The new features are:

  • VCF/gVCF MTDNA to rCRS Extract: Extract your MTDNA to a text file valid for James Licks’s MTDNA predictor
  • RAW Data Extract:
    • Extract common genotypes
    • Extract non common genotypes
    • Extract common SNPs
    • Extract non common SNPs
    • Set non common Genotypes in File 1 as NoCall
  • VCF/gVCF option to extract a specific chromosome
  • VCF/gVCF option to choose to fix genotype orientation
  • Separated the VCF and RAW converter in different tabs to a better user experience
  • Added templates:
    • LivingDNA V1 (<2019)
    • FTDNA V2 (>January 2019)
    • 23andme V4
    • Full 23andme V3 + V4 + V5

DNA Kit Studio v2.2

We have released a new version of DNA Kit Studio v2.2.

The new features are:

  • RAW Chromosome extractor: This tool extracts each chromosome to a separate file
  • RAW Comparer: Improved the report and fixed some errors
  • RAW Merger: Added option to let choose how to merge: By RSID (by default) or by position
  • RAW Converter: when using a template, you can choose to convert by finding the RSID or the position.
  • VCF to RAW: Now supports gVCF, but only the Variants positions. Added support to use the Human Genome Reference for filling up the RSID that are not present in the VCF/gVCF file. Download and unzip from http://www.openbioinformatics.org/annovar/download/hg19_avsnp147.txt.gz

How to create a super DNA kit for improving DNA Test (Matching and Ancestry Results) free, easy and fast

You can combine your DNA results for a better matching and ancestry composition results using DNA Kit Studio.

Follow our tutorial using our DNA Kit Studio. Download the tool.

As well, we recommend to visit this amazing article written by Louis Kessler about the benefits of merging your kits to create a big DNA Kit.