You may have been tested on several DTC DNA companies, such as 23andme, Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage.

These companies provides a RAW file to their customers. This RAW file contains a set of DNA markers chosen by the company. These markers wisely chosen may differ from a company to another up to 70%, so if you spend such a good amount of money, you would like to merge these markers to get the most that you can from your DNA information either for health, genealogy or ancestry composition.

What you get after merging the files:

  • Improves your DNA matching
  • Improves your DNA ethnicity estimates


  1. Download and unzip DNA Kit Studio
  2. Unzip your DNA RAW files
  3. Open DNA Kit Studio, choose the RAW Merger tab and choose:
    1. Input files: Add at least two DNA RAW files
    2. Raw Data Output: Choose a filename and the for the output file
    3. Output Format: Choose the output format (23andme and FTDNA formats are the most compatible)
    4. Merge SNPs: Checked
  4. Click on Merge button and wait until the process is finished
  5. At the output folder you will find the merged RAW DNA file

You can merge as many files as you need.


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