I recommend the following books to anyone that is interested on exploring the DNA subjects either for Ancestry research or health related issues and wellness.

Dirty Genes: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health


A leading expert in epigenetics, Dr. Ben Lynch provides a revolutionary, personalized approach to improve how your genes behave, preventing and reversing chronic illness―cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and obesity, among others―and improving overall health.

Our genes have a tremendous impact on our health, in our day-to-day wellbeing from feeling sluggish or energized to dealing with more serious conditions such as autoimmune disorders, heart disease, or cancer. If our genes are “dirty,” or not functioning optimally, our health suffers and we get sick. Some genes are “born dirty”―our genetic predispositions―while others “act dirty” in response to your environment or lifestyle, but new research has shown, that we can clean up all of these dirty genes by what we eat, how much we sleep, and other lifestyle habits.

After years of research in the new science of gene abnormalities and successfully treating thousands of clients, Dr. Ben Lynch, an expert in epigenetics (how genes switch on and off), offers a simple test to figure out which of the top 7 most problematic dirty genes are most likely giving you trouble. Based on that information, he offers targeted plans, including diet (food guides and recipes), sleep, supplements, and other lifestyle advice, to clean them up, eliminating symptoms and improving overall physical and mental health-proving that while we can’t change the genes we were born with, we can make them work to our advantage.

Many of us have been taught or told by doctors that we are vulnerable to disorders and diseases based on the conditions that run in our families, but far from being written in stone, our genetic destiny can be rewritten and changed, moment by moment, throughout our lives. Dirty Genes provides a practical, personalized protocol to make the most out of our genetic inheritance, now and for the rest of our lives.