We have just released a new version of our Admixture Studio V2.48 application.

This version fixes several errors and adds the following features:

  • PRO. Batch runs. Added a preliminary version of the batch processing. The result of the all raws processed is displayed in the Result History tab under Visualization tab.
  • PRO. Radar chart. Added Radar chart to compare the results against the population listed in the calculator
  • PRO. K-Clustering chart. Updated and improved the visualization on the K-Clustering chart.
  • PRO. Added select-area-and-zoom feature in PCA and K-Clustering charts. Just select the area you want to zoom in and you automatically the app will focus the view on the selected area.
  • PRO. Less memory consuming during calculation process
  • PRO. Faster loading of RAW files, less time per run
  • Cached calculators to improve the calculator runtime
  • Added highlight of the new/updated calculators