23andme > Improvements

I will keep this list updated with any improvement that I thing can be useful for 23andme webpage.

  • DNA Relative CSV file should include the date when it is generated
  • Display the mtDNA and yDNA haplogroups in the DNA relative list
  • Display a filter box with the common mtDNA and yDNA haplogroups found in your relatives
  • In chromosome browser (triangulation) overlap / display the ancestral composition identified segments
  • Clicking on the mtDNA / yDNA of our relatives matches should open the mtDNA / yDNA haplogroup information (as in one’s ancestral composition report)
  • One should receive an email when he gets a new close relative
  • In the relative in common list, there should be an option multiselect several matches and open the triangulation display
  • Allow download “Relative-in-common” list to CSV
  • Display when a relative was added to the relative list
  • DNA Relative: Filter by ancestral composition