Convert 23andme V5 RAW to Gedmatch classic and other companies valid format

Did you tested in 23andme? Are you frustrated that Gedmatch Classic and other companies do not accept 23andme V5 files (as of Aug. 2017)? There is a solution that I have developed to solve this problem.

How? It is simple and it requires just your 23andme V5 RAW Data File, DNA.LAND and my tool DNA Kit Studio.


Feel free to use it. If you like this tool and you would like to help me to continue developing DNA tools, I would appreciate any amount of donation:

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  1. Download my application DNA Kit Studio and unzip it in a folder
  2. Upload your RAW file (23andme/LivingDNA) to DNA.LAND
  3. Once the file is processed, select the uploaded DNA kitdnalandv3_step0
  4. Click on Imputed VCF that is located at the end of the pagednalandv3_step1
  5. Click on the dna file “Secure Download Link”. The filesize is 460 MBytesdnalandv3_step2.png
  6. Run DNA Kit Studio and in the section VCF to RAW converter:
    • VCF File Input: Select the downloaded VCF file
    • Raw Data Output: Type the name of the output file that will be later uploaded to MyHeritage and Gedmatch classic. It should be formed in this way “genome_XX_YY_V3_FULL_2018.txt”. Replace XX and YY with whatever you want, but no blank spaces, dashes or dots.
    • Raw Data Template: Select from the dropdown list the option “Template_23andme_v3.txt”.dnalandv3_step4
  7. Click on Convert and wait a few minutes (5-15 minutes depending upon your computer).
  8. Once it is done, just zip the file and upload it to Gedmatch classic or other companies.